Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Sweetness of the Ancient Ones

The Sweetness of The Ancient Ones

I spent last night with an Oromo elder from Ethiopia and a Guatemalan Elder as well as a dancer and painter from Oaxaca and a few others...a small gathering to see the slides of their recent journey to Guatemala “for healing the waters” and share a meal. We sang and laughed and laughed...It is always so healing to be with the ancient ones. Such sweetness! What a contrast to the western ways. We are received with such welcome and recognition of spirit and the way of the Heart. What a gift! It makes it so much easier to be in this world. The old one from Africa is very he lives in Kenya. He doesn't speak the language so has to have a translator but there are a thousand languages...even ones we haven't heard that keep us dancing in the night. The one from Oaxaca tells us about his visions of Jaguars and flying up with fire - passionate love songs springing from his lips as he plays my Gibson guitar.

I sing a song I have written for the People of the Rainforest and my melodies and lyrics transport us to these ancient people of the Earth. Then I sing the song I wrote about being born part Cherokee and black and having to hide their Native American roots. Now people’s eyes fill with tears as we sit all together - this group from so many lands, this coat of many colors for we know that even now these old sorrows run like a river through the children of this land and sometimes haunt our dreams a night.

I am doing a grail circle tomorrow with about twelve people. The cycle continues. There will be red roses and someone is bringing a sword  - images and metaphors that keep us connected to spirit of beauty and courage of the carriers of the light. They are already writing songs and gathering poems and rounding up their drums...wanting to create a better story in this silly mess we are in. It is a good thing.

Yesterday I heard Coleman Barkes sharing Rumi...falling madly in love with the beloved...Robert Bly talking about the importance of grief - the thing we are so afraid to express. The Sufis were spinning in the background. The moon was a bright and full with the aching of new directions torn from the ashes of this last lunar eclipse.
Someone asked me last night what tradition I had studied? I looked at her quizzically and said hmm now that is a longer conversation!

Last week I held a small circle with a woman who was visiting us from Hawaii who is Cherokee, Ethiopian and Hawaiian...we drummed and sang and shared a few blessings. She put her hands on my head and sang an ancient chant in Hawaiian and my skull is filled with diamonds. She told us stories about her marriage to a Muslim man and their journey to his family and the tribal people of Timbuktu...where the night sky is blazing with stars and the babies are dying from lack of medicine.

Sometimes the light shines bright in our lives and some times we get taken into the dark of night. Soul and personality are knitting together the golden tapestry and the old shoes. The ancient ones are dancing with that which is yet unborn.

Now I will go to the ashram to chant the songs of the siddhas and drink chai with the locals and listen to their stories of navigating this American dream while polishing the emerald of the inner world.

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