Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Emerging Power and Grace of the Feminine for Healing a Planet in Crisis by Karen Rae Wilson

 Karen Rae Wilson, Spiritual Visionary, Singer and  International Leadership and Purpose Consultant

What does it mean to be a spiritual and empowered feminine presence in the world today?

What is the role of women in transforming the world?

How do we include what is ancient, mystical and mysterious in our lives and be a force for change in the world?

How do we balance work, family and creativity in the fast paced lives most of us are living?

In ancient times women would gather at the well to commune with each other and to draw forth the living waters from the Earth. The well served as a chalice for the community. It was there that the rhythm and ritual of the community was inspired and created. Through prophecy and vision the spiritual guidance for Creation was shared.

The role of the feminine in its most elevated presence has always been to inspire the highest ideals of society.
Now, more than ever it is essential to restore the power and beauty of the Feminine Vibration on Earth…and within ourselves - to bring back a sense of love, caring and compassion for the human family as we navigate the coming times of transformation and change.

We must begin to develop a global paradigm based on caring not only for what is profitable but for what is right – for ourselves, our children and the Earth – to invest in what has long term value for all the children and the generations to come. 2014 will call us into planetary service and alignment – to create more equality for all races and cultures.

Many of the issues that are facing us are profound and far reaching – global warming, ice caps melting, entire cultures being lost to war and aggression – with the preservation of the Great Mother, our Earth hanging in the balance.

We have a whole generation of young people wondering whether they still have a future to invest in. What an incredible time to use our giftedness to light up the world – to be come leaders in the emerging global ethics for humanity.

 This coming decade will mark a change in our definition of success and power. We have been given a unique opportunity to rise above the chaos of our times and be energized and defined not by what we "do" but by "what gifts we can give.”

The prophecies of the Great Medicine Traditions of every indigenous culture call forth the honoring of the feminine as an absolute necessity if we are to save the world from destruction.

There is a beautiful Navajo prophecy woven into a blanket called the Blanket of Hope. The prophecy says,  "The world is like a great bird that has two wings - one wing is too strong - that is the masculine while the other wing is too weak -that is the feminine and that the world will not come back into balance until the feminine grows stronger until the corn maidens stand up."

I have had the honor of sitting with this blanket and being in ceremony with the woman who holds it. It is always life changing to be in the middle of a greater mythology – to be part of a living moving prophecy – to discover that our story has meaning and is woven into a greater tapestry than any of us can imagine. Now is the time we to have courage to stand up for things that really matter.

We have a profound opportunity as first world women with our privilege of education and political freedom to synthesize our knowledge and skills. We can create solutions that will benefit and uplift the thousands of impoverished indigenous women and children around the world. We only have to want to be impassioned by the ingenuity of love in action as a force to be reaconed with.

 Over half of the children in Africa are being cared for by their Grandmothers. Aids and drought in war torn areas have left thousands of orphans without parents.

Perhaps it is no coincidence one of the symbols of the feminine essence has always been water – Water has the ability to carve away great boulders over time with its gentle but unceasing and unstoppable waves. When water meets resistance it always finds a way to flow around the obstacle in its path.

In that sense we as women are a mighty wave of unstoppable power for change and healing.

Collectively we have the ability to ensure that all children around the world have access to clean water – water that is safe to drink. We just need to set the intention that it matters more than shopping for another pair of shoes -  to begin to feel the reverberations of our unified consciousness and breathe into a new planetary perspective.

Women are used to breathing through the pains of labor with the expectation that what is being born will make it all worthwhile.

In closing I would like to include a quote from my One Woman Show: "Many Women, One Voice "

“A woman with vision has the ability to create a whole new civilization in the palm of her hand.”

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A gifted transformational catalyst for social and personal change...Karen Rae Wilson has worked with women and men of many ages, cultures and walks of life from the executive world to the tribal.

Karen Rae is the founder of Wisdom Culture Consulting – a leading edge consulting company that inspires action for social and personal change. She is also an international singer and performing artist.

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